Starkey Ranch District Park
Pasco County
Welcome to the Starkey Ranch District Park, a captivating masterpiece developed through a brilliant public-private partnership between Wheelock Street Capital & Pasco County. As evidence of our unwavering commitment to community engagement, the park’s programing was meticulously shaped by workshops involving the public and Pasco County. Our visionary team crafted the park’s master plan and phase 1 construction plans, which have undeniably contributed to Pasco County’s resounding success.

The overwhelming triumph of the park is a testament to its immense popularity, inspiring us to fast-track Phase 2 in response to the growing demand. As we eagerly look towards the future, our anticipation mounts for an early commencement of the final phase, far surpassing our original expectations. With a limitless array of captivating experiences for both kids and adults, the facility truly embodies the epitome of enjoyment.

Wheelock Street Capital & Pasco County
Project Service:
Workshop /Charrette:
District Park Vision
Land Plan:
District Park Site Plan
Landscape Architecture:
Programing Site
Dimensional Plan
Hardscape & Landscape Plans
Permit Landscape Plans
Signage Plan
Furniture Plan
Irrigation Plan
Lighting Plan
Project Programing:
5 lighted Little League baseball/softball fields
3 lighted multi-purpose fields for soccer, lacrosse and football
6 future lighted multi-purpose fields for soccer, lacrosse and football
2 concession stands with restrooms plus an additional restroom building
4 picnic pavilions surrounding an events lawn
Trailhead to the community’s 20-mile trail system
Fitness Stations