Snow Park & Grand Central Avenue
City of Tampa, Florida
Get ready for a major transformation! The Grand Central mixed use apartments rezoning includes some exciting changes. We’re bringing new life to Snow Park and giving Grand Central Avenue a much-needed facelift.

In Snow Park, we took on the challenge of fixing a non-working fountain and addressing various issues with the surfacing and features. By building upon the park’s existing foundation, we were able to successfully modernize it, creating a space that everyone can enjoy.

The streetscape along Grand Central Avenue was in dire need of some TLC. Dead trees and poor soil health were dragging down the overall look and feel. Working closely with the City of Tampa, we removed the unhealthy trees, revamped the soil, and introduced new trees that thrive in these conditions. We even upgraded the tree wells with a flexible porous surface, saying goodbye to those old tree grates.

The result is a thriving business and residence community that has reaped the benefits of these improvements. The transformation is nothing short of remarkable. So get ready, because the Grand Central rezoning is about to elevate the entire area to new heights. Keep an eye out for what’s to come!

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