Design Approach

Andreasen Design has approached each project through its “Big Picture” process

At our company, we firmly believe that the most effective approach to design is to begin with a clear vision of the end result. In order to achieve this, we start by understanding your vision, goals, and budget. A thorough analysis of the site is then conducted to assess how your vision can be seamlessly incorporated. It is during this critical stage that “Big Picture” vision is conceived. By seamlessly aligning the design, vision, and budget through this meticulous process, we ensure that you are spared from unnecessary costs and delays. Too often, projects reach the construction drawings phase only to discover that they exceed the budget, leading to costly redesigns. Our finely crafted system eliminates this risk, delivering a successful outcome for all parties involved. Experience the power of the “Big Picture” process today!

Big Picture Process Logo
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Developer Requirements
Our transformative “Big Picture” approach simplifies complexity by aligning with your vision and goals. Understanding what success means for your project is crucial. We then zoom out to the 10,000 foot level to see how your project fits into the community fabric. It’s important to grasp how your development intertwines with the community. From there, we delve into your specific site, utilizing the resources given to us by God. This process involves engaging questions to define your vision and thorough research on the community and property. Get ready to embark on an exciting and engaging journey!
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Site Analysis/Constraints Plan
A thorough understanding of your site opportunities and constraints is crucial to unlocking its full potential for your development. Natural elements, such as wetlands, ponds, topography, trees, and more. While considering regulatory constraints, like easements, setbacks, and municipality conditions, can be complex. This comprehensive site plan identifies and encompass all these factors, creating the perfect canvas for your development.
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Base Concept Plan
Get ready to see your vision come to life! We’ll apply your ideas to our site analysis and constraints plan. This means strategically aligning your development goals with the site to figure out the best land uses. We’ll create a killer land planning plan or program location in a site plan. Each area will have a specific budget to make sure we capture your vision and stay on track financially. Our structured and captivating approach will give you a comprehensive understanding of the project, seamlessly bringing together your vision and the financial side of things. Get excited, this is going to be awesome!
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Programing/Conceptual Site Plan
Our plan takes your Base Conceptual plan and transforms it into a detailed application. By converting programming locations into conceptual designs, we guarantee that your site plan mirrors your vision while staying within the allocated budget. This step is crucial to ensure that the project exceeds your expectations, both in terms of vision and budget. Let us bring your ideas to life with innovative and cost-effective designs, tailored just for you.
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Construction Plan
The approved Programming/Conceptual Site Plan serves as the foundation for developing a comprehensive set of construction plans. These plans, essentially the blueprints of your “Big Picture,” ensure the accurate realization of your vision. In addition, before the commencement of construction, the plans will be carefully reviewed and revised to confirm alignment with the project’s budget and overall vision.
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Construction Observation & Turnover to Operations
Our team is committed to monitoring the construction process and effectively transitioning to operations.
We will observe the construction to guarantee the successful execution of the “Big Picture” envisioned in the construction drawings. At turnover, we will provide the operator with the necessary specifications, as-built drawings, and other crucial documents required by the developer from the general contractor. This comprehensive package of information empowers the operator to deliver the “Big Picture” experience to the end users.
By maintaining a meticulous and engaging approach, we ensure the smooth flow from construction to operations, ultimately delivering on our commitments.