Lago Mar
Texas City, Texas
Welcome to the GreenBoLT Network, the innovative alternative transportation system that grants Lago Mar residents access to a myriad of destinations. Picture effortlessly reaching schools, Tanger Outlets Houston, Buc-ee’s, future retail, and a bustling town center. Our main focus is prioritizing pedestrian safety within the network, as vehicles respectfully yield to their strolling presence.

The heart of our system is a multipurpose trail – a haven for both electric golf carts and leisurely pedestrians, providing ample space and convenience for all. Personal-mobility options like e-bikes, e-scooters, and even hoverboards offer seamless transportation from point “A” to point “B.”

The electric golf cart is the premier mode of transportation on these trails. It’s a fantastic, family-friendly option for reaching the Lagoon. Additionally, these trails serve as idyllic avenues for exercising, fostering friendships, and connecting with fellow residents. Embrace the GreenBoLT Network, where convenience meets community, and where exploration knows no bounds. Join us today!

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2021 Lago Mar Lagoon Amenity Village Greater Houston Builder Associations – PRISM Award for Recreation Center of the Year
RCLCO 2018 – 43 Top-Selling Master Planned Communities