Pasco County, Florida
Epperson, the pioneering community of the Connected City, sets the stage for a new era of convenience and connectivity. With its innovative golf cart system, encompassing multipurpose trails and dedicated lanes, navigating the community has never been easier. One standout feature is the underpass for the multipurpose trail, ingeniously placed under Overpass Road, a forthcoming 6-lane road way. This network seamlessly connects residents to the lagoon, as well as future commercial and office spaces. Not only have the residents embraced the trails for golf cart rides, but they’ve also discovered a newfound love for exercising, enhancing their well-being. The success of this visionary concept speaks volumes, as it perfectly marries practicality with enjoyment.
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2019 NRSoutheast Award of Merit Sports/Entertainment
2019 National Association of Home Builders Design The Game Changer Award
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RCLCO 2022 – 12 Top-Selling Master Planned Communities