Connected City
Pasco County, Florida
Welcome to the Connected City, America’s first Smart Community! Our visionary community is built around lightning-fast internet communications, a state-of-the-art golf cart transportation system, and sustainable solar and renewable energy. But that’s not all – our game-changing amenity of a lagoon is sure to captivate you!

As Ernest Monaco, Pasco County’s long-range planning manager, proudly proclaims, “This exceptional development paves the way for the future.” Picture roads ready for driver-less vehicles, numerous transportation options, and enticing incentives for incorporating cutting-edge gigabit technologies and solar power into our community.

At the heart of the Connected City lies our innovative golf cart system. Combining multipurpose trails and dedicated lanes alongside the roads, we connect everything within our vibrant community. Our detailed guidelines outline how these versatile trails seamlessly weave into the fabric of retail, schools, offices, and residences.

Embrace a new lifestyle in the Connected City, where golf carts become more than just a mode of transportation. Escape the confines of the automobile and feel like you’re on vacation as you zip around town, visiting your favorite restaurants or simply connecting with neighbors. Our parking lots are even designed to accommodate golf carts, ensuring convenience at every stop.

Exciting possibilities await in the Connected City, where the future is now and innovation knows no bounds. Are you ready to join us?

Pasco County
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Golf Cart Transportation System
APA Florida Chapter Sun Coast 2018 – Award of Excellence
Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council 2018 – The One Bay/McIntosh Award
APA Florida Chapter 2018 – Award of Excellence