Union Park
Pasco County, Florida
The Union Park community has transformed a former sod farm into a thriving and highly sought-after residential community in Tampa Bay. A dedicated design team collaborated to create a unique and cohesive vision for Union Park, incorporating both natural elements and modern amenities to foster a sense of community.

A workshop was conducted to theme, master plan the community, and determine the amenities. The core principle of the design philosophy was to reconnect residents with nature was developed from the workshop. By utilizing the existing wetlands and transforming the sod farm into a beautifully landscaped park, Union Park has become a lush and inviting environment. The centerpiece of the community is the linear park, which is dotted with various amenity destinations designed to bring neighbors together. From a dog park and playground to picnic pavilions, a splash pad, fitness stations, and an open-air clubhouse, these spaces encourage social interaction and connection. Additionally, Union Park offers unique opportunities for residents to engage with nature, such as a bird house village, Zen garden, and art exhibits. All of these amenities are connected by a comprehensive trail system, ensuring that every home in Union Park is within close proximity.

Promoting the health and wellness of the community was a top priority in the design process. The trail system was purposefully designed for daily use by individuals of all ages. With easy trail access near every home and multiple loops to accommodate various activities, residents can enjoy walking, running, or simply relaxing in nature. For added safety, the trails are equipped with mile markers and EMS markers every 200 linear feet, allowing for quick emergency assistance if needed. Union Park is proud to pioneer the first private trail system in Pasco County that has been officially adopted into the EMS system.

The design team took advantage of the site’s history as a sod farm to create a sustainable and native landscape. Native plants were carefully selected and incorporated into the linear park, enhancing its ecological value. In addition, the design team leveraged the existing wetlands to develop new wetland areas within the community, further contributing to its environmental sustainability.

Union Park also stands out as the first community to incorporate UltraFi technology. This cutting-edge feature allows every home to become a Smart Home, offering residents the fastest WiFi speeds in North America. With up to 1 Gigabit of speed, residents can seamlessly enjoy entertainment, gaming, and online activities both indoors and outdoors.

Families have found Union Park to be an ideal place to raise their children, evident by the strong sales and positive feedback from builders. The community hosts monthly events at The Landing and Clubhouse, ranging from movie nights to the highly anticipated Union Park Battle of the Blocks, a day of field events for all ages. In addition, the extensive trail system and amenities ensure that there is always someone to connect with and something to do within the community.

The design team takes pride in creating destinations that positively impact people’s lives. Union Park has truly become a place where residents can thrive, connect with nature, and enjoy a vibrant sense of community.

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