Tampa Heights
Tampa, Florida
The Tampa Heights project, conceived by Bill Bishop, aimed to transform the first neighborhood in Tampa into a vibrant hub for living, working, and leisure. With a dedicated team, I was involved in master planning, rezoning, design standards, and creating a permit landscape plan.

The permit landscape plan played a crucial role in the project’s development, given the presence of 27 potential grand trees and approximately 888 other trees on-site. My permitting efforts focused on meeting City of Tampa requirements while providing a blank slate for the Tampa Heights project’s redevelopment.

The permitting process was divided into two parts. Firstly, a comprehensive review involving both the city’s and our arborists determined the health, transplant viability, and location of the grand trees within the existing site and future development. After negotiations, we obtained permits to preserve 4 grand trees for transplanting, while removing the rest based on various considerations.

The second part centered on the remaining trees on-site. Through negotiations we relocated approximately 413 trees to Blake High School on the opposite side of the Hillsborough River. The successful relocation, carried out in 2007, contributed to the beauty of the City of Tampa and continues to thrive today. Following the economic downturn, Tampa Heights Project was acquired by a new developer, successfully fulfilling Bill Bishop’s visionary aspirations.

The engrossing story of Tampa Heights project showcases the transformation of a neighborhood, the remarkable preservation of trees, and the collaborative efforts that brought the vision to life.

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