Park Creek
Hillsborough County, Florida
Park Creek is a unified community of 325 single-family homes, meticulously planned to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding trees and create a harmonious connection with nature. Convenient natural trails wind through the neighborhood inviting residents to exercise and immerse themselves in the serene forested backdrop, complete with a picturesque meandering creek.

We’ve taken extra care to ensure that many homes have preserved the trees within their own backyards, respecting the integrity of the environment. Our role in establishing and implementing this visionary project has been instrumental.

Step into the heart of the community and you’ll find an open-air clubhouse, a resort-style pool, and a playground. This vibrant space serves as more than just an amenity—it’s a hub for community events and the forge of lasting relationships among neighbors.

And let’s not forget the meticulously designed public spaces that we’ve crafted. From the inviting parks and captivating streetscapes to the enchanting pond and wetland edges, every corner of Park Creek exudes a sense of tranquility and leisure. Plus, we’ve added a state-of-the-art recreation center for an extra measure of enjoyment.

At Park Creek, we’ve reimagined what a community should be—with nature as our canvas and your lifestyle as our inspiration.

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