K-Bar Ranch
New Tampa, Florida
K-Bar Ranch stands as the final masterpiece in a series of master planned communities in New Tampa. M/I Homes understood the importance of a well-defined vision for the community, and so we gathered for a workshop to shape the landscape, hardscape, and overall theme. The result? Stunning entry monuments brought to life through integrated lighting and unique, colorful stones that set select community entrances apart.

As you enter, you’ll be whisked away into a world of natural beauty and native charm. Majestic pine and oak trees line the boulevards, creating a captivating atmosphere. The communities themselves are introduced by blooming trees and shrubs, announcing their grandeur to all who pass.

But it’s not just the scenery that will impress you. K-Bar Ranch boasts an array of remarkable amenities designed to delight every resident. The clubhouse is a true gem, offering a luxurious retreat for all to enjoy. A resort-style pool beckons you to cool off and relax, while inviting grills promise delicious meals and camaraderie. The playground, seamlessly integrated with the clubhouse and pool, ensures that children will make cherished memories during their time here.

Sports enthusiasts will have plenty to celebrate as well. The well-maintained tennis and pickleball courts cater to competitive play for the pickleball club within the community. Meanwhile, the versatile multipurpose field has been the stage for countless matches, from football to a variety of other sports.

In every aspect, K-Bar Ranch represents a resounding success – a place that captures hearts and feels like home to all who reside here.

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