Highland Park Neighborhood
Westchase, Florida
Highland Park: A Unique and Engaging Community

Highland Park stands out as a truly one-of-a-kind community, blending a neo-traditional layout with modern technology. Its innovative land plan boasts woonerf roadways, offering residents an unparalleled experience. Combining alleys and mews, this community is genuinely special.

The relocation of 30 oak trees, ranging from 15” to 24” DBH, using the largest tree spade in the county is a testament to the commitment to preserving nature. Additionally, over 300 smaller oaks have also found new homes within the community.

Highland Park showcases both single-family homes and townhomes, designed to accommodate a diverse neighborhood. A daycare and a town center, anchored by mixed-use apartments, add to the community’s vibrancy. Furthermore, the integration of a horse facility for the handicapped seamlessly weaves into the fabric of Highland Park.

For added security, some neighborhoods within the community feature gated entrances, catering to diverse preferences. The main streets are adorned with reclaimed historic street bricks, adding a touch of character.

Residents of Highland Park can enjoy a plethora of amenities, including a central park, playground, scenic trails, a lake for watercraft activities, a fully equipped clubhouse, and a multipurpose pool. Highland Park provides an engaging environment for everyone to thrive in.

Bill Bishop
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2007 Highland Park Award of Excellence in recognition of success in saving and planting trees during construction – The National Arbor Day Foundation
2007 Highland Park Aurora Award Residential Development