Altis Grand Central
Tampa, Florida
Introducing Atlis Grand Central, the epitome of downtown living in Tampa. This infill midrise mixed-use apartment seamlessly blends with its surroundings and boasts remarkable features. Picture a stunning courtyard, where a grand tree is preserved and relocated, creating a captivating atmosphere. A second courtyard features a fountain, offering a perfect spot to relax and unwind. But we didn’t stop there. This project goes beyond the site itself to elevate the entire streetscape, enhancing the overall location. Even Snow Park receives a well-deserved makeover as part of this remarkable endeavor.

The rooftop amenities at Atlis Grand Central are second to none. Imagine a luxurious escape with a pool, spa, grills, and even a dedicated dog park. It’s safe to say that Atlis Grand Central has hit a home run, becoming the most coveted residence in downtown Tampa. Get ready to experience the pinnacle of urban living at its finest.

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